We are currently looking for 200 AQTR road flaggers on our sites in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore

Road flagger on site - with AQTR/TCP card


Do business with our road flaggers with an AQTR/TCP card. Trained and approved.


The traffic flagger manages the traffic of road users :
• Vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.);
• The cyclists;
• Pedestrians
• Drivers of recreational vehicles.

The road flagger must:
• Take training at your own expense with the AQTR/TCP lasting 3 hours.
Only if you wish to become a CCQ signaller (Quebec), you will have to take a course recognized by theASP Construction: General health and safety on construction sites (30 hours).

In the contracts of the Ministère des Transports, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification (MTMDET) and certain municipalities, certification is required (card with photo). This certification is valid for 3 years.
10.3.2 When signaling for road users must be done by a road flagger, the employer must ensure that this flagger:
1° knows all the responsibilities inherent in his work;
(2) has taken training relating to his responsibilities recognized by the joint association for occupational health and safety in the construction sector;
(3) wears high-visibility safety clothing and is equipped with other accessories that comply with the standards established by the Minister of Transport and recorded in Volume V of the manual entitled “Road Signaling”, under the second paragraph of section 289 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2).

Employment Service:

Jobs available now within our various teams of flaggers in Quebec. We are currently looking for 200 AQTR road flaggers on our sites in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore

• Card prerequisites AQTR/TCP valid • Only for CCQ flaggers: Pre-requisite card ASP building (Quebec)
• Experience on site an asset
• Be prepared to work in all temperatures. In good health.
• Honest, honest, resourceful, punctual, mature, responsible, teamwork.


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