Our services

Gestion Topaze offers services for the road traffic signs and road safety industry and on Construction Worksites (Quebec: CCQ).

Use our trained and AQTR/TCP road flaggers (Quebec: CCQ). Our maneuvers and specialized maneuvers (Quebec: CCQ). Our site supervisors and prevention officers. As well as our team of engineers who take care of your plans and specifications.


Site flaggers - (Quebec: CCQ card)

The site flagger directs the backing maneuvers of machinery and heavy vehicles inside a site.

Crane flaggers on site (Quebec: CCQ)

The crane flagger is responsible for safely guiding the crane operator in his various operations.

Laborer and specialist (Quebec: CCQ)

The laborer performs work that is not the responsibility of skilled trades workers. Demolition, stripping...

AQTR/ TCP traffic flagger

Traffic flagger manages the traffic of road users; vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.); cyclists; pedestrians; RV drivers. AQTR training.


Site supervisor 

The supervisor is an engineer appointed by the Ministry to supervise and inspect the works, to give professional advice, etc.

Prevention officer

Prevention agents are responsible for assisting and advising the territorial authority with which they are placed...

Security guard

Secure your work airs with our duly autonomous and professional team who will be able to respond adequately to your needs...

Plans and permits

We exclusively offer engineering and drawing services for signage plans, as well as permit management.