The prevention officer;

Prevention agents are responsible for assisting and advising the territorial authority with which they are placed, in:
› the risk assessment process,
› the implementation of a risk prevention policy,
› the implementation of occupational safety and health rules.

Roles and functions

› prevent dangers likely to compromise the safety or health of agents, › improve methods and the working environment by adapting working conditions according to the physical aptitude of agents,
› advancing knowledge of security problems and the techniques to solve them,
› ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements in these matters and the proper performance of the
occupational health and safety register in all departments.
Prevention officers propose practical measures to improve risk prevention and participate, in collaboration with other players, in raising awareness, informing and training personnel.

The commitment of the territorial authority is the basis for the success of these missions. Any lack of involvement of the latter renders the action of the prevention agent ineffective.

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